• Ulrik-Jacob

Todays hike from home to Appelsinsteinen

I live only five minutes by car from the center of Kirkenes, and yet I live close to nature and and it is accessible to go out for a hike. I decided to walk around a lake called Prestevatn the lake in the right in the picture. Even though you are close to the center of Kirkenes, you can experience nature and most of the time you will be alone and experience the wildlife up close and listen to and see birds like eagles and hawks, and even hare and foxes.

It took ten minutes to get to this view from my home.

Hiking around Prestevatn takes between one and a half hour to two hours walking depending how fast you walk. It took me two hours today, as my dog was more interested sniffing around than enjoying the view.

You don't have to be an experienced hiker for this hike, but the hike around Prestevatn is varied and one need to have hiking boots since you will walk through rocks, hills and swamps.

The hike to Appelsinsteinen is marked very well, with signs and "T" everywhere, so you will be oriented that you are on track. My destination today was to Appelsinsteinen, a roundtrip to my home.

When you walk further from Appelsinsteinen and follow the tracks, you will get this view of Bøkfjorden and you can see to Jakobsnes.

Most of your trip you will view Prestevatn, here I'm closer to my home again.

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