• Ulrik-Jacob


We don't offer tours to Pasvik yet, but a trip to Pasvik is really recommended if you are planning to travel to Kirkenes and area in Sør-Varanger. It takes around 45 minutes by car from Kirkenes to Svanvik where you can find a grocery store, Nibio (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research) and a wooden church from 1934. Pasvik is bordering to Russia and possible to see Nikel in Russia from Height 96, this takes around 10 minutes by car from Svanvik. When you are returning from Svanvik to Kirkenes can you stop by Bjørklund gård, an old farm from the midle of 1800. Along the road to Pasvik you can drive to Strand museum a former bording school built in 1905, here it is also possible to see an old bear cave.

Nibio and National park center is located in Svanhovd.

The entrance to Svanhovd

Autumn colors on the road to Pasvik from Kirkenes

The wooden church in Svanvik from 1934

Bjørklund gård is an old farm from the first settlement around 1870


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