Our vision

We want to introduce the municipality of Sør-Varanger and the town of Kirkenes, the settlements in the area in a historical and cultural perspective. Every place has a history, and Sør-Varanger has a unique history with the iron ore mine and World War II.

The municipality is young in comparison to other cities in Europe, but have experienced a population growth in a short time because of the mining activities. Sør-Varanger was built, burned down and built up again in the same century. You can see this in local architecture. 

Sør-Varanger is the only municipality in Norway who has borders to Russia and Finland. This also reflects the people who lives side by side in Sør-Varanger. We have a diverse population. You hear Russian at every corner, and find finish products.  

We wish to share the history and show Sør-Varanger, the iron ore mine and the current social situation by car or walking.

Welcome to Sør-Varanger and Kirkenes.


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